34 Products Your Coconut Oil Can Replace: From KY Jelly to Shaving Cream

The more I learn about alternative uses for coconut oil the more I love this natural product! I started using it in my hair after I went natural because of its special characteristics:

A Few of Coconut Oil’s Hair-Related Uses

1. It has a small molecular weight that allows it to penetrate the hair to condition it from the inside out.

2. You don’t have to wash it off to re-moisturize your hair; it’s chemical structure allows some moisture to pass through it yet it can still be used to seal moisture inside the hair.

3. It can be used with a water misting bottle to detangle hair before cleansing. Mist hair, coat with coconut oil, then detangle.

4. Use it as a pre-poo (before shampoo) treatment to prevent shampoo from stripping hair and causing dryness.

5. It’s great as a hot oil treatment when used alone or with other natural oils such as olive, jojoba, grape seed and castor oils.

34 More Ways to Use Coconut Oil: From Bath Time to Bed Time

Okay, so there are actually a LOT more than 34 alternative ways to use coconut oil. For now, I’ll just focus on the uses that directly eliminate the need to purchase other products. In other words, here’s a list of 34 products you won’t have to buy anymore as long as you have a jar of coconut oil:

You Don’t Have to Buy the Following Products If You Have Coconut Oil:

alternative ways to use coconut oil

Coconut oil is widely used by cultures all over the world for beauty, health and all sorts of other purposes.

1. Liquid eye makeup remover: This oil is gentle for the delicate skin around the eyes.

2. KY Jelly (Note: Oil-based lubricants are NOT for use with latex products such as condoms)

3. Shaving cream: Use CO alone or with a bar of Dove soap to make it more creamy than oily

4. Eczema cream: Apply it directly over lotion or use it alone on dry skin patches

5. Massage oil: Coconut oil goes from solid to oil at 76 degrees F so place it in warm water to take it from a buttery solid to an oil.

6. Non-stick cooking spray: Yes, coconut oil is good for you even though it’s technically a saturated fat. Dr. Donald W. Miller, Jr. writes about it here if you’d like to read more.

7. Vegetable oil: Buy refined (pressed) coconut oil if you want to reap the health benefits but don’t like the smell/taste of virgin (unrefined) coconut oil. Nutiva and Tropical Traditions make pressed coconut oil without chemicals. They use a natural process to neutralize the flavor unlike some other brands. My favorite brand of virgin CO is Trader Joe’s and costs about $5.99 for 16 oz. which is a great price.

8. Sun block: Islanders have been using CO as a natural sunscreen for centuries.

9. Lip balm

10. Cuticle oil

11. Shower cleaner: Take a damp cloth, apply coconut oil, wipe away soap scum. Follow up with a wipe of a cloth dampened with vinegar. Bingo! You have a shiny shower.

12. Body lotion: CO is a great all-over skin moisture sealer. I hesitate to use it on my face, although you can use it to remove makeup.

13. Diaper ointment: Smooth it over baby’s bottom to prevent or treat skin irritation in the diaper area.

14. WD-40: Lubricates and quiets squeaky hinges!

15. Vaseline

16. Lice Shampoo: Generously coat the hair with coconut oil, cover with a plastic cap and let sit for 2 hours. Wash the oil out with regular shampoo.

17. Athlete’s foot cream: CO has natural antifungal properties.

18. Lansinoh (Nipple cream for nursing mothers)

19. Stretch mark cream for pregnancy or weight gain in general: If you’re lifting weights for the specific purpose of bulking, you may want to focus on your shoulders and outer thighs near the hips to prevent stretch marks. Ladies, if you’re lifting weights for general purposes you don’t need to worry about bulking; it ain’t gonna happen unless you’re TRYING to make it happen and even then it’s hard for you to do. Now you have NO EXCUSES for lifting weights; it’s the best thing you can do to make long-term improvements to your metabolism.

20. Saline nasal spray

21. Margarine

22. Hemorroid cream (Use CO as a carrier oil for lavender oil)

23. Foot cream (for cracks and dryness)

24. Leather conditioner

25. Personal lubricant for menopausal dryness.

26. Metal polish

27. Plan leaf oil

28. Garlic bread (mix CO with fresh garlic or garlic powder and spread on toasted bread)

29. Stringed instrument lubricant (violins, guitars, etc.)

30. Pet treatments for fleas, ticks and dandruff. 

31. Goo-gone and other gum removers. 

32. Psoriasis cream

33. Butter

34. Shortening (for baking)


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