Comb Coil Twists & Finger Coil Twists on Short 4a/4b Hair: Tips & Tutorial

Finger coils and comb twists are a great protective style for short natural hair and TWAs (teeny weeny afros). This textured style is easily preserved for days at a time without having to fuss with your hair. They can be a little time consuming to do across your entire head, but the payoff of fuss-free and protected hair is well worth it.

10 Tips for Finger Coils & Comb Twists on Short Natural Hair

1. Twist clean, moisturized and detangled hair.

2. Be careful not to tangle hair on the comb.

3. Sections can be larger or smaller in size; just be sure to use the same section size throughout the hair if you desire a uniform look.

4. Set aside ample time to complete the entire head. Smaller-size sections could take several hours to complete whereas larger sections will allow you to finish faster.

5. Keep a spray bottle handy to re-moisten hair when it becomes dry. Use water or a mix of water with aloe vera gel/juice, leave-in conditioner or another moisturizer of your choice.

6. Coil twists done with fingers or a comb can last up to several weeks. Sleep with a satin or silk cap or bonnet to preserve the style at night.

7. If hair feels dry, lightly mist with a moisturizer and coat with a natural oil(s) of your choice (you can try olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, argan oil or a combination of oils that work well for your hair).

8. Twist the coils in the direction you want them to fall/dry.

9. Step back periodically to view the parts to make sure they’re evenly spaced and straight. You can section with a comb (for a neater look) or with your fingers. If you plan to unravel the coils after they dry, it may be best to section with your fingers so the parts don’t show up as easily.

10. Use a non-drying gel or pomade of your choice (or mix several products together). You may need to experiment with different types of products until you find one that works well for you. Dry and coarse hair tends to do well with heavier emollients and “stickier” styling products. Consider using beeswax, nut butters, castor oil or products formulated for edge control when you do a finger/comb coils.

Tutorial: Finger Coils vs. Comb Twists/Coils on Short, Type 4 Natural Hair

The following video tutorial is courtesy of YouTube vlogger MsRosieVelt. Below, she shows you how she does finger coils and comb coils on short, type 4b hair.  She also provides a few styling tips and product recommendations that will help your style turn out beautifully. Enjoy! :-)



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