Homemade Natural Hair Growth Recipes


Shea nut butter, aloe vera juice and olive oil. Save money and grow your hair by making your own natural high-quality hair products at home with ingredients from a grocery store.

Make your own natural hair-growth recipes at home using ingredients from a grocery store. Save money on hair products and customize them to suit your hair’s needs.

How to Make Homemade Whipped Shea Butter

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Homemade Hair Growth Recipe: Hot Oil Treatment

Hot oil treatments help to soften and condition the hair before or after a cleansing session. You can use just about any natural oil as a hot oil treatment. The right oil or combination of oils depends on your hair’s needs. My favorite combination of natural oils for a hot oil treatment are coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and castor oil.

Profile of Natural Oils in This Recipe:

Coconut oil– This oil is solid at room temperature but will turn oily as soon as it hits your hands or mixes with other liquid oils. It has a low molecular weight and has a medium weight on the hair- it’s not very thin but it’s not too sticky either. The small molecular size allows it to penetrate inside the hair and condition it from the inside out.

EVOO– Olive oil is lightweight but plays very well with other oils. Use EVOO as a base or main ingredient for your hot oil treatment. This oil can also be added to a rinse-out conditioner to give it extra conditioning ability.

Castor oil– I call this one ‘thickums”. It actually feels very sticky if used alone. It’s good for natural hair because it’s good at sealing in moisture and providing a visibly slick/smooth effect to the hair that makes it shiny.

Hot Oil Treatment Recipe: My Castor/Olive/Coco Mix

-Mix 1 tsp  of castor oil + 2 tbsp olive oil + 2 tbsp coconut oil and blend well in a small bottle or bowl

-Place bottle of natural oil mix into a separate bowl of hot water to heat for up to two minutes or until it’s warm to the touch. To avoid burns, be sure to test the heat on your wrist before applying to your head.

-Apply heated oil mix to damp hair from root to tip. Cover with a plastic cap. Place a  warm/wet towel on your head and let oil sit for at least 20 or 30 minutes. You can also let it remain in your hair overnight.

Homemade Hair Growth Recipe: pH-Balanced Rinse to Boost Shine & Remove Buildup

Use this simple apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse as the last step of your cleansing/conditioning session but before you apply your leave-in conditioner/moisturizer. This ACV rinse serves three purposes for natural or relaxed hair.

Benefits of pH-Balanced ACV Rinse

1. ACV is an acid with a low pH and a negative charge. Shampoos and conditioners have a high pH which works to open the hair shaft making it easier for dirt and oils to be removed. However, the cuticle needs to be closed after cleansing to smooth the hair shaft and improve detangling and combing to limit breakage.

2. Low-pH rinses will make the hair appear shinier. It will reflect light better because the outer layer of the hair is closed and smooth.

3. The negatively charged vinegar will bind to positively charged metals that buildup on hair from exposure to hard water. Hair exposed to hard water will eventually appear dull and could get to the point where products seem to sit on top of the hair without penetrating inside. A weekly ACV rinse can help to remove hard water buildup and deposits from swimming pool chemicals. Build-up of hard water metals can cause hair breakage by keeping water and conditioners from binding with and penetrating the hair. Protein from conditioners can’t bind with hair when the metals are in the way. This can leave your hair weak and exacerbate breakage and dryness.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Rinse Recipe:

Mix 1 tablespoon of ACV for every 1 cup of cool or room temperature distilled water. Cool water will help to close the hair shaft after a cleansing session.

Click the Photo Below for 10 More Recipes:

(Using 8 cheap staples that cost $1-$5 each)

homemade hair growth recipes

Click this photo to see 10 more recipes using 8 cheap staples (each costs only $1 to $5!)





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