The Best Thing for Hair Growth Is In Your Bathroom Right Now

People Will Sell You What You Already Have…If You Let Them

Before you spend even one more dollar on a hair or weight-loss product, ask yourself one question: “Have I done my homework on the underlying problem that I’m trying to solve or have I only looked into products/solutions?” I have news for you; most of the people that purchase hair and weight-loss products are intentionally being played. That’s because most of the people trying to sell you a solution to a hair- or weight-related problem know that you don’t have a thorough (or perhaps even a basic) understanding of how you came to need the product. As a matter of fact, they’re counting on it!

Why You Can’t Spend Your Way to What You Want

If there was a product that could solve your hair issues, you would already have it. If there were a product that could solve your weight issues, then wealthy people (or anyone with enough money to buy it) would all be thin, right? So there must be more to growing long healthy hair or maintaining a healthy weight than finding the right products, right? Yet, it is overwhelming how many women will still say to one another, “What product is good for hair growth?” or “I heard that such and such is good for weight loss.” In every instance they’re referring to a product when the truth of the matter is that no product can solve your problems. If you’re not willing to invest time into educating yourself about how you came to have the problem, you will never be able to solve it with a purchase. 

Solutions Are Not In a Store, They’re In a Mirror

If you need a fix, start by looking in the mirror. No product can help you more than you can help yourself. If you’re faced with any kind of hair- or weight-related issue, always start by investigating the problem, NOT by searching out solutions. If you want to grow your hair longer, do NOT search for products you can use that will grow your hair. If you do that, you’ll run into every Tom, Dick and Harry product maker offering you a solution in a bottle. Instead, investigate the hair growth process and the means by which that process is disrupted or supported. The same is true if you want to lose weight. Do NOT begin a weight loss journey by looking for a weight-loss solution. Begin by looking into the problem of weight gain. If not, you’ll be one of the people who has tried every diet, pill and plan under the sun, yet is still struggling with their weight.

the best hair growth product is you

If you’re not willing to learn healthy hair care, don’t waste your money on hair-growth products.


Invest Time Before Money Or You Will Have Wasted Both

If you attempt to buy products to solve a problem, you’re more likely to be buying a bigger problem even if it seems that the product works. Here’s an example:

Case In Point: The Seemingly “Successful” Weight Loss Plan

An overweight woman starts her weight loss journey by investigating products that are good for weight loss. She weighs 200 pounds and has 20% body fat (40 pounds of fat + 160 pounds of lean mass = 200 pounds). She finds a diet plan that promises results and in fact, delivers on that promise. After 8 weeks, she has lost 40 pounds. On the surface, it seems that she has had success, right? Not quite.

She lost the weight but she’s worse off than before. Here’s why…

Here’s what actually happened to the woman that sought a solution before educating herself about the problem. Indeed she lost 40 pounds but she did not lose 40 pounds of fat. Instead her body reacted to her diet by using up some of her fat stores, but also by using her own muscle as a fuel source. In other words, her body ate itself; she lost 20 pounds of fat and 20 pounds of muscle. Every pound of muscle is more metabolically active than each pound fat. That means that losing muscle is losing your ability to burn calories which slows down your metabolism. 

Your metabolism will increase as you add pounds of muscle to your body and it will decrease as you lose it. If you cut calories drastically or cut out an entire food group from your diet, your body may break down your muscle and use it to feed itself. Therefore, the woman is in a much worse position than when she started because now it’s easier for her gain more fat…and that she does.

How Her Weight Loss “Success” Actually Hurt Her

Had she done her homework on the problem of weight gain instead of merely seeking solutions, she may have learned that the most important thing she could do to lose fat was to keep or gain muscle. Instead, she sought to lose weight without thinking much about what that weight was made of. Now, when she stops dieting (and she will, since it wasn’t one she could permanently stick to anyway), she will gain back ALL the weight she lost. What’s worse is she’ll gain back the 40 pounds as pure fat; that’s 40 lbs on top of the 20 lbs of fat she never lost for a total of 60 lbs of fat! She started at 20% body fat but when she gains 40 pounds of fat she’ll be at 30% body fat.

same weight different body composition 200 pounds

She looks larger at the same weight because her body fat % is higher.

At the End of the Day…

At the end of the day, she’s not only right back where she started at 200 pounds. She’s carrying 20 pounds of body fat she didn’t have before the diet and now she also has a slower metabolism. Not to mention the emotional and monetary costs of being a yo-yo dieter. So she will have wasted valuable time, money and energy all because she started by looking into a solution without educating herself about the problem. Consume information before you consume products.

muscle is more dense than fat

Since fat is less dense than muscle you’ll look heavier at the same weight if your body fat % is higher.




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