Ways to Use Eco Styler Gel for Natural Hair

What can you do with Eco Styler gel for transitioning or natural hair?

Eco Styler is a popular brand of hair gels among black women with natural and transitioning hair. One reason is that they don’t contain alcohols that have a drying effect on hair. Eco Styler gel is not at all the only gel suitable for textured hair but what’s good about it is the variety of formulas they’re available in. They range in hold level from 1 to 10 with 1 giving the softest hold and 1 giving the most firm hold.

There’s no one cookie-cutter or correct answer as to which gel is best for you; it depends on your hair and the style you’re trying to achieve. It also depends on your own personal preference for hold level and even what you want your hair to smell like. Still, there are some general uses for the different types of Eco Styler gels for natural hair including:

-Wet Sets: rollers, cold wave (perm) rods, flexi rods, Curlformer sets

-Wash & go styles

-Twists & braids

-Laying down edges and flyaways for up-do’s, buns and chignon styles.

-Homemade styler product mixes

Homemade Hair Product Mixes With Eco Styler Gel

Sometimes it’s hard to get everything you want out of any styling product including hair gel. It might be great for one purpose but not another. For instance, you might like Eco Styler gel for laying down edges for a ponytail or bunned hair style but you may want more shine/sheen. In that case, you can use Eco Styler gel in a homemade styler mix of your choice with one or more other products such as a natural oil.

Homemade “Hair Glass” Edge Control Mix w/ Eco Styler Gel:homemade hair products with eco styler gel

For up-do’s with thick hold and shine, try mixing:

-1 part Eco Styler gel

-1 part castor oil

-1 part coconut oil

You can mix the ingredients in your hands while you style or you can pre-mix a batch to store for continual use. I use this homemade mix with the argan oil Eco Styler gel (yellow gel with the red lid) but you can try it with any other type. You can also add or take out ingredients or reduce the amount of each you use until you find the right combination for your hair or preferred style.

Video Review: Types of Eco Styler Gel for Natural Hair

You can use any of the varieties of Eco Styler gel for natural hair but it might be a little confusing as to which one to start with. Here’s a good review video that explains how one vlogger uses each type, how they perform for her, how they smell and what styles you might try each type with.









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