Winter Styles for Medium & Long Transitioning Hair: 3 Flexi Rod YouTube Vids

Winter Hairstyle Tips for Transitioners

I’ve been talking to a lot of you guys on Twitter lately and I’m hearing that many of you are ready to start your transitions to natural hair but you’re not quite sure how to start. Some of you have tried twists and twist-out styles with results you were less than thrilled with. I will admit that twisting my relaxed/transitioning hair was a lot different than twisting natural hair. I personally don’t prefer the look of my relaxed twist-outs but I still needed a good alternative that would look nice and help blend my natural roots with my relaxed ends. Flexi rod wet sets are a great way for beginners to get a protective style to turn out cute every time.

Why Flexi Rod Sets Are Good for Transitioning In Winter

In the Fall and Winter seasons, the air is dry which makes skin and hair more dry. Since direct heat can contribute to or worsen dryness for natural and relaxed hair, it’s best to choose styles that require little to no direct heat such as flexi rod sets. What’s also good about this style is that you can make it last about a week if you need to. It starts as a nice defined set of curls but you can parlay it into a ¬†few days worth of loosely curled up-do’s, too. Lastly, your hair is getting a rest from manipulation (and possible breakage).

Ways to Vary Flexi Rod Sets for Volume, Definition and Moisture

For a more light-weight and voluminous look, use a spray leave-in conditioner and setting lotion then add a light natural oil after the set has fully dried. Olive oil or coconut oil would work well. If you’d like to leave the hair as “fluffy” as possible then use less oil throughout the roots and middle sections, but do concentrate oil on the ends still. If your hair is particularly dry, you can use a creamy leave-in conditioner (such as Cantu Shea Moisture w/ protein), a setting lotion and a natural oil before setting your hair.

For a more sleek look, pull rods taut so hair lays as flat as possible. For greater length, spiral the hair along the rod instead of rolling the hair so it overlaps itself. Lastly, preserve your flexi rod set at night by pincurling small sections flat against your head and secure them with a flat, smooth hair clip that won’t bother you (or snag your hair) while you sleep. Be sure to wear a satin bonnet or scarf at night.

flexi rod or twist set on cold wave rods for transitioning hair

Vid #1: Wet Twists Dried On Perm Rods

This first video demonstrates how you can get the look of a twist-out with the sleek, coily appearance of a rod set. She twists her hair first then wraps them around cold wave rods to dry. Another advantage to styling this way is that it takes less time than doing a flexi rod set.

Vid #2: Flexi Rod Set on Stretched, Short/Medium-Length Natural Hair

Below you can see how to do a flexi rod set on short to medium-length hair that has dried stretched or that has been blown out. For the sake of protecting hair from heat, I recommend that you allow your hair to air dry instead of blow drying (otherwise start with freshly-washed hair). Also, since she doesn’t start with very wet hair and doesn’t pull the rods taut, her final look isn’t as sleek/smooth as it could be. That’s the look she’s going for, I’m sure, but it’s just an FYI.

Vid #3: Sleek Flexi Rod Set On Long Hair

In this video she also starts with dry hair and uses water, setting lotion and a product for hold (Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls). She uses about 50 1/2 inch flexi rods, FYI.



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